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This disclaimer applies between you, the user of this website, and the owners and providers of this website. Here at mylonelywebsite.com, we are committed to transparency, providing high-quality services, and protecting our readers’ rights. The information on this page is mostly common sense, but in compliance with FTC (Federal Trade Commission) guidelines, we are legally obligated to have a disclaimer.

You may find various types of information on our website, and all of it is intended to inform and motivate our readers to make their own independent and educated financial and lifestyle decisions. The information and advice provided on mylonelywebsite.com are subject to your own judgment and may not be applicable to everyone.

By viewing this website and anything available through it (including but not limited to posts, pages, videos, newsletters, subscriptions, services, products, promotional offers, comments (collectively referred to as “website”)), you agree to all clauses and sub-clauses of this disclaimer. If you do not agree to any points below, stop accessing this website and any of its subdomains immediately.

(Effective Date: 01/11/2020)


1. In this disclaimer the following definitions are used:

This Website, the Website, Our WebsiteMylonelywebsite.com (this website you are currently on) and it’s subdomains.
Affiliate(s)A business partner(s) whose products and services are being promoted on this website (often using affiliate links with the intention of getting an affiliate commission).
Affiliate Link(s)External links marked with unique affiliate ids for the purpose of tracking the sources of referral traffic, so that affiliate payouts could be facilitated.
Third-Party(ies)Any individual, business, or legal entity that is not the owners nor the reader, and is not owned by the owners or the reader.
InformationAny type of written or visual or auditory information that can be accessed on or through mylonelywebsite.com.
Associate(s)Any physical or legal entity directly or indirectly associated with the owners or the business itself in any way, shape, or form.
Reader(s) or User(s)Anyone who reads or uses mylonelywebsite.com in any fashion for any cause.
Owners or Legal OwnersCurrent legal owners of mylonelywebsite.com.

2. In this disclaimer, unless the context requires a different interpretation:

  1. The singular includes the plural and vice versa.

  2. References to clauses, sub-clauses, schedules, or appendices are to clauses, sub-clauses, schedules, or appendices of this disclaimer.

  3. References to a physical entity also include legal entities (firms, companies, government entities, trusts, and partnerships, etc.).

  4. Headings and sub-headings are not a part of this privacy policy.

  5. The official document starts with the figure one (1) mark (including the mark) and ends at the end of the figure ten point one (10.1).

Affiliate Relationships

3. Pursuant to the Federal Trade Commission’s Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsement and Testimonials in Advertising, we are disclosing that there often is a financial (or other) benefits to be had from linking to third-party owned paid products or services from our website, using affiliate links.

  1. Any financial or other rewards we may receive do not indicate any additional costs to the buyers. Quite often, it’s the opposite – by purchasing recommended items, services, or other paid offers through affiliate links, customers may get a discount.
  2. We are highly selective about what we promote and only recommend offers that coincide with our readers’ best interests. Any benefits we may receive do not influence our opinions about the offer as our primary interest is building a reputation, trust, and long term relationships with our readers.
  3. For simplicity reasons, the reader should assume that every link to any kind of paid offer is an affiliate link, even if it’s not directly indicated as such.
  4. Such forms of marketing do not equate to any form of endorsement, and it’s up to a reader to determine whether or not any offer displayed on our website is suitable for them. The reader assumes all risks associated with a purchase.
  5. We do not control, own, or have any kind of financial interest in any third party company we choose to promote unless otherwise specified.
  6. Any complaints or concerns with a product, service, or other paid offer purchased through a link on mylonelywebsite.com should be directed to the direct provider of said offer. We cannot be held reliable for any actions performed by a third party.

4. At present, we do not allow direct advertising (eg., Google AdSense) on mylonelywebsite.com nor write sponsored posts or promotions that are paid in advance, thus any internal or external non-affiliate link will not earn us any benefits, and all opinions expressed on this website are those of the owners or authors, not of sponsors or advertisers. (If we allow these forms of advertising in the future, this clause will be changed accordingly.)

For Educational Purposes Only

5. Mylonelywebsite.com is an educational and informational resource, as well as an entertainment tool, and only intended to be used as such.

Although meticulously researched, the information provided on this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional or legal advice that can be provided by lawyers, financial advisors, or other professionals, as we cannot consider individual circumstances, and none of our associates are officially authorized to give financial advice.

The owners of mylonelywebsite.com, business partners, authors, co-authors, and other associates cannot be held responsible for any errors in the provided information, nor any form of personal damages that may occur if a reader chooses to follow any advice on mylonelywebsite.com or it’s subdomains.

  1. Some of our promotional campaigns might be accompanied by testimonials of real-life clients of the third party that is being promoted. Even though (to our knowledge) they are of real and honest customers, they are not indicative of guaranteed levels of satisfaction and only represent what is possible depending on many circumstances for illustrative purposes only.
  2. From time to time, we might also display income statements or earnings using a particular service, method, or technique. Even though (to our knowledge) they are legitimate, they are not indicative of guaranteed financial outcome and only represent what is possible depending on many circumstances for illustrative purposes only.

Limitation of Liability

6. By using mylonelywebsite.com readers are agreeing to absolve the owners, associates, and affiliates, or anyone directly or indirectly associated with them in any way shape or form of any direct or indirect liability to any physical or legal entity for any type of direct, indirect, incidental or consequential losses, gains, damages, or other situations and circumstances that may directly or indirectly arise from their reliance on or use of any type of information presented on the website.

  1. Readers agree to release the owners, associates, and affiliates, or anyone directly or indirectly associated with them in any way shape or form from any causes of action, lawsuits, allegations, damages, or claims in law or equity that may occur at any point and are in any way related to mylonelywebsite.com, or it’s subdomains.
  2. We disclaim any expressed or implied warranties directly or indirectly related to any kind of paid or free product, service, or any kind of offer presented on our website, to the full extent permissible by applicable laws.

7. Our intention is to educate and entertain (figure 3) our readers as well as potentially provide resources to improve their lives or financial situation. As the results of any action depend upon a plethora of different individual factors and circumstances, by using this website readers agree that we or any of our associates cannot and do not guarantee any specific outcome from using the information presented on mylonelywebsite.com.

  1. By using our website readers acknowledge that they are doing it voluntarily, take full responsibility for their actions, use, or non-use of any presented information as well as subsequent results, and agree to use their own common sense and judgment before taking any action or following a recommendation presented on our website.
  2. Readers agree to use any information is to be used at their own risk with no liability on the owners or any associates part, acknowledging that in an unlikely scenario, a lawsuit, loss of income or property, or even bankruptcy could occur, and assume all foreseeable and unforeseeable risks.

Likely Erors

8. Despite our (and our associates’) best efforts, the information we present may (and in all likelihood will) contain grammatical, typographical, and other types of errors and inaccuracies. Readers agree that neither we nor our associates are responsible for any inaccuracies, and inconsistencies of facts or references used on mylonelywebsite.com, as well as unintentional misleading.

No Endorsement

9. Any type of link, acknowledgment, or reference on mylonelywebsite.com (or formally or informally made by the owners and (or) associates) to any individual, group, ideology, or legal entity, cannot be interpreted as a formal endorsement of their actions or opinions and considered as such. If this website (or it’s owners and (or) associates) is linked, mentioned, or referenced on any other website, it does not indicate our formal endorsement either.

Any type of formal or informal link, acknowledgment, or reference to mylonelywebsite.com (or it’s owners and (or) associates) made by any website, individual, group, or legal entity, cannot be interpreted at their formal endorsement of the owners’ actions or opinions and considered as such. If any other website (or it’s owners and (or) associates) is linked, mentioned or referenced on mylonelywebsite.com, it does not indicate their formal endorsement either.

Changes to This Disclaimer

10. We will update this document to reflect relevant endeavors and circumstances. When that happens, the “effective date” at the top of this page will be revised, and the users will be acquainted either by a conspicuous notification on our website or (if possible) a direct notification before they take effect.

  1. Continued use of the website and provided services shall be interpreted as acceptance of new changes, regardless of the readers’ awareness of them.


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