Picture Credits

It’s quite obvious that I don’t own the majority of pictures I use. Here you can find pictures that are not mine. Just click on them, and you’ll get to the page from where I took it. If you don’t want your picture here, just contact me. We can solve all problems peacefully. (Please don’t sue me.) 🙂


This page looks very messy. That’s because I wanted to write numbers that identify each picture. Sorry about that.


1)ponzi22) 3)ezubao24)Allen Stanford5)Ponzi mugshot6)cupon7)ponzi8)9)cap5-min10)lonely-min11)anomalocaris12)kid-min13)books-min14)15)book16)aspid-min17)cards-min18)kids-min (1)19)20)electrophoresis21)keyboard-min22)clouds-min23)black24)window-min25)thoughts26)ded dog-min27)change2-min28)alone_in_the_universe-min29)30)31)king-min32)winner-min33)dandelion34)file5-min35)lambo-min36)apple-min37)file2-min38)fire-min