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99 thoughts on “Protected: (Page Under Construction) Wealthy Affiliate – Much More Than Just a Website Builder!

  • Oliver

    Hello, your website looks amazing! That’s probably the best looking blog I have rver seen! Is this a theme or are you customising it yourself?

  • Leyla

    Thank you for sharing this useful service and helping people to chose the right services. Much appreceated!

    P.S. How muh time it took for you to make your first commission with a website this good?

  • Diego

    Yiur rewiev is very on-point. Wealthy Affiliate really is much more than a website builder. I have been a member since 2015 and the knowledge I gained there really helped me supplement my income. I’m thinking about quitting my job in 2018. The community really opened my eyes about online butsiness and making money in general. Totally recommended!

  • Percy

    Let’s face it, the only reason this page exists is for you to get 50% commissions every time somebody pays for the premium membership.

    • Mika

      I don’t see anything bad with him getting paid it’s how business works. He’s not lying about the service. I tried it and I know it’s good. Only online business was not my cup of tea, so I cancelled my membership.

  • Macy

    Hi Julius,

    May I ask question about WA. I read through their website. I am not sure if does it have include tools like file manager, FTP access, database tools and programming on control panel? Could I set up four build websites or more and four different domain names or more in one account?

  • Frank

    Is it possible to do this on a “part time” basis, eg. not have to give up your day job first? Am willing to learn, and have some ideas for a website. Thx, Frank

  • Person

    Congratulations on achieving success online and thanks for sharing this amazing review! I hope to make my websites look like yours one day, Cheers!

  • Anonymous

    I understand the fact that you need to make money but these advertisements are getting quite annoying. It’s nothing too serious but I’m just saying.

  • tatumcat

    This might be worth trying but I still don’t understand where’s the catch? If the free membership lets you make as much money as you want then why would anyone want to buy premium? And if nobody bought premium the company wouldn’t have been able to survive for 13 years. I feel that somehow you are not telling us everything.

  • Hi

    For some reason this seems too good to be true. If you say that even free members can make money then what’s the catch? If all members would be able to earn as free members nobody would buy the premium membership and the company would go bankrupt. I’m pretty sure you have to buy premium to make money. It doesn’t seem very logical to me.

  • Diana

    I’m sorry but I don’t have time to read it all. but from what I’ve read I feel like you are not telling everything. You say that the free membership is unlimited but is it really? Do they have some hidden charges? Even if I pay for the premium membership is that the end of my expenses, or do I have to buy stuff like security packages etc.?

  • Name

    This rewiew is quite outstanding. So if I sign up for free I can stay for as long as I want correct? Is it really possible to make money as a free member or they try to pressure you into buying premium and only then you can start earning?

  • Todd

    In addition to the monthly fee for the premium membership, what other costs would I need to incur — such as paid traffic, domain costs, etc? Are there any other fees or expenses I need to consider before joining?

  • Ritvik

    I am considering to join WA. But I have a question and it would be great if you can help me with that.

    My question is related to premium account since free membership is not available in India.
    You say I can host 50 websites but what does that exactly mean?

    Does that mean that I will have 50 domains and hosting included in the package, or I can only host up to 50 websites but I have to buy them separately?

    • Julius Post author

      Hello Ritvik,

      That means that you have the ability to host 25 websites and 25 top-level domains. websites are free, but they have an extension (for example this website would be Top-level domains need to be purchased separately for as little as $13.99 a year. But considering the fact that a single website is enough to bring you full-time income, you will probably never use half of that space anyway.

      Sincerely Julius

    • Julius Post author

      Hello Amber,

      If you are talking about Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program, you would not get paid if your referrals did not sign up for premium membership. If they buy the premium membership, you would get paid $8 per person each month as long as they stay with Wealthy Affiliate.

      If you signed up for the premium membership, you would get paid $23.5 per person each month as long as they stay. Premium members also get paid $1 every time a premium referral registers a top-level domain.

      But you shouldn’t limit yourself to just Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program. If you choose other programs from tens of thousands available online, you could get paid independently from Wealthy Affiliate, and your membership wouldn’t affect your payments.

      Hope this helps. If you have further questions, please reply again or contact me privately.

      Sincerely, Julius

    • Julius Post author

      Hello Hanna,

      Wealthy Affiliate has its own affiliate program, so it’s not only a learning platform. If you want you can promote their services and make money that way. But promoting Wealthy Affiliate is not mandatory. A lot of users don’t even use their affiliate program. You can find tens of thousands of other affiliate programs online and promote whatever you want.


  • RickyM

    I think it’s great that platforms exist that aren’t scams.

    The free trial is a great plus. I don’t like purchasing things without testing them, and this shows that the owners are confident with their services.

    Thanks for the great review!

    • Julius Post author

      Hello RickyM,

      Yes, it’s great that some services are legitimate. But it’s also kind of sad when you think about the fact that so many people are scammed every day by those who also want some quick cash.

      Anyway, as you mentioned Wealthy Affiliate owners are really confident in their services, and it’s perfectly justifiable, considering the fact that 98% of their customers are satisfied with what they have to offer! I’m also very confident when I promote them as well. It’s nice to know that I’m not going to be labeled as scammer anytime soon.


  • Sarah


    I’m a student who wants to make extra cash, the thing is that I have never done any writing and would like to start, so is it good for me to start with Wealthy Affiliate and get the help I need or should I start somewhere else?

    • Julius Post author

      Hello Sarah,

      I can not stress enough that Wealthy Affiliate is literally the perfect place for individuals like you! They have a lot of members who were once total beginners just like you. After signing up, you should start from the Getting Started course, which is free. I’m sure that you are going to love what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. Especially if you are serious about writing and starting a business.

      And if you feel uneasy because you might think that you don’t have enough background knowledge – don’t worry, Wealthy Affiliate beginner training courses are designed for individuals with zero experience!

      Sincerely Julius

  • Kat

    Good job, but you need to post more. This website has a great potential, but it still requires constant updates. Informative review as well!

    • Julius Post author

      I know. I have very big plans for this website and my business in general, but currently, I’m preoccupied with other things. I want to take care of everything else in my life before really committing to the business. Thank you for reading as well!

  • Gabe

    Hey man I just wanna say I really like your website man. You break down all the features and benefits of wealthy affiliate in a way that’s very easy for someone who isn’t tech savvy to understand.
    And yeah you’re right, I’ve been with wealthy affiliate for a little over 3 months and honestly it all starts with all dream and then a website. Which wealthy affiliate makes it very easy to do with its build a website feature.
    Cool site man

    • Julius Post author

      Hey Gabe,

      it’s always nice to see a Wealthy Affiliate customer. It Just proves that their services are actually useful and popular. I’m also happy you liked my review. Thank you for your nice words, and I wish you all the best with your own online business!


  • Clark

    That’s without any questioning the longest review I have ever seen in my life. Good job. How long did it take you to write tho?

    • Julius Post author

      Yes, thank you, that’s the point. It’s intentionally that long. I wanted to cover every little aspect of the service. As far as I remember I did it in four days and it took me more than 24 hours in total.

  • Robin

    Wow, that’s a really nice review! I really appreciate all the work you have put into it! Creating the contents of the post was a brilliant idea, and it works perfectly for me.

  • Hey

    I see you’re getting quite a bit of traffic on this blog. But if you really want to become popular, you really need to improve your grammar. Also, a lot of your rivals in the same niche use bigger pictures for these reviews. There’s a good reason for that- people like to see things visually, not only read about them!

    • Julius Post author

      Yes, my grammar is not the best, but I’m learning, and with every post, it becomes better. I’m Actually thinking about updating this review in the near future. You probably are right about the pictures. Thank you for your comment.

    • Julius Post author

      No, they never do that. All you need to do is to provide your first and last name, email address and create a password with a username. Also, you don’t need to provide your credit card information, unless you want to upgrade to premium. In this case, you can provide your credit card information or pay with PayPal.

  • Kevin

    I’ve seen many reviews of this program, but yours is probably the most comprehensive of them all. After reading several of them, I’m convinced that it’s probably worth trying. So when I join, I can write about anything I want, and If I choose to do so, I can also promote wealthy affiliate? I just want to be sure before I join.

    • Julius Post author

      First of all, I’m glad you liked my article. Second of all, yes, you can write about anything you want and promote anything you want as well. You are free to promote even WA competitors. They have no control of your websites. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t even keep your domains, it means that you can transfer them to any other hosting provider if you decide to leave WA. They also have a really competitive affiliate program, so you can promote their services like I’m doing with this article.

  • Chris

    I’ve been searching for someone to help me build a blog around my interests for about a year now – all the options out there seem a little dishonest at best. I like the way this one seems to be free as long as I want it to be – is that correct or am I wrong with this? How long have you been using their services?

    • Julius Post author

      Yes, you are correct – this service is free as long as you want. I’ve been using it for about half a year now. I’m a premium member, and I’m really happy with it.

      P.S. Sorry for the late response, I didn’t see your comment.

      P.S.S. I saw you among my other referrals in WA. Just wanted to say thank you for joining!

  • Alex

    Hi there, this is a nice review on Wealthy Affiliate.

    I have a blog page on the Internet for over a year now. However, so far I have not been able to receive a single penny. I have no idea what is lacking.

    I like the free membership feature that I can take a first look around at no cost, that is really a plus point of WA. I’ve also been considering engaging in affiliate marketing for a very long time now but never really had enough information to go ahead and pull the trigger on it.

    Perhaps, it is time to really try WA out.

    Thanks for the great review!

    • Julius Post author

      Hello Alex,

      I’m glad that you liked my review. It’s really sad to hear that you haven’t received any revenue from your blog. Looks like WA is exactly what you need! You can point your blog page to WA’s hosting service, it’s a very simple process.

      They have all levels of training from beginner to advanced.If you struggling with your blog, I suggest you to start from the beginning, and that’s the “Getting Started” course. If you have any questions feel free to ask them on the live chat or specific discussions inside WA. You can create your own discussion as well!


  • Derek Marshall

    Hi there,

    Great review of wealthy affiliate. You mention that there are free tools like a keyword research tool. How can that help a newbie to earn money? I am not quite seeing the connection. Tracking your links, that seems pretty straight forward to understand. Ofline marketers and advertisers use tracking to determine the success of their campaigns.

    • Julius Post author

      Hi Derek,

      Yes there are many tools available with free starter membership and a keyword research tool is one of the most important. When starting your business online, you will need to do some research about what people wants to read, so that you can write posts about these topics. Writing about relevant topics helps to attract new visitors to your website. Basically a keyword tool shows you how many people are searching for a particular word or phrase every month (searches), and the number of websites that already has posts with this particular phrase or word (competition). Competition is what matters the most.

      I also wrote a post in which I explain about keywords a little more: “How To Become an Affiliate Marketer?

      I hope that helps,


  • Theresa


    I liked your review of Wealthy Affiliate. I can see that you are writing with such passion, I could tell that you feel strongly about the company? Have you had any personal success with wealthy affiliate? How long does it take to make your first sale?
    I am looking to start my own online business? Is this really the way to go?

    • Julius Post author

      Hi Theresa,

      I’m glad that you liked my review, I really put a lot of effort into it. I feel very certain about Wealthy Affiliate, I can guarantee that It’s not a scam! (Just join for free and you’ll find out by yourself.)

      Of course I had personal success, that’s why I wrote this review! Currently I have 42 referrals and that pretty much brings me a full time income. And that’s just from WA’s affiliate program alone!I have several other websites as well and they also doing quite well. However, it took me more than three months to make my first sale, but once it starts growing, it grows really fast!

      I’m a member for about eight months now and I really love it! If you want to start your own business you’ve come to the right place, they have everything you will ever need.

      I’m looking forward to meet you inside WA, best of luck!