Forex is a sophisticated way to make money or even get rich. A successful trader should have a very strong will, cold mind and the most important- should never let emotions influence his actions. You can always try demo accounts for free, to test yourself and practice.

This is the third article of the series “Forex For Beginners,” where I explain basic stuff that every beginner should know. In the first article, we became familiar with the Forex market itself, and several fundamental terms. In the second article, we figured out the basic of choosing a Forex broker. Now when you supposedly have opened a demo account or at least will be opening one soon, it’s time […]

How to Use MetaTrader 4? | Forex For Beginners Nr.3

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This is the second article of the series called “Forex For Beginners,“ where I explain the basic stuff every beginner should know. If you’re completely new to this, I suggest you start with the first article.   Due to constantly growing interest in financial markets, new forex brokers are created very often. In order to attract clients, they must be appealing and competitive. Being competitive means better offers to the customers, […]

How To Choose a Forex Broker? | Forex For Beginners ...

Forex trading is a process in which, you can earn money by speculating about the changes of the currency exchange rates. At first, this may sound complicated, but it really isn’t. If you are a newbie, you might want to read my initial article about forex: Getting Familiar With Forex. This is the first article of the series called “Forex For Beginners“, where I explain basic stuff, that a beginner should know. I created […]

What Is Forex Trading? | Forex For Beginners Nr.1