Today there are so many people who will try to fool you in every possible way. As the time passes, scams are also getting better and more believable every day! In this category, you can read about some of those.

In the previous article, we became familiar with the basic pyramid scheme. This time, our eyes are on a very similar deceptive investment scheme, called Ponzi scheme (sometimes also referred to as the Ponzi pyramid). People often think it’s just a type of pyramid scheme, and even use these terms interchangeably. That’s a pretty common misconception. It’s true that they share some similarities, but there are a few key differences that make a […]

What Is a Ponzi Scheme?

Today there are many fraudulent money making schemes. Back in the day, when the internet was just in its early stages of development (or even no internet at all), people often were unaware of scammers due to the lack of knowledge. Today it’s easier for people to recognize scams and harder to perform illegal practices. Because of that, various con artists become audacious and insidious as never before. Sometimes scams are […]

What Is a Pyramid Scheme?

Website: Owners: Madison Clark and David Graham (highly questionable). Advantages: Very nice and expensive video. Disadvantages: Kind of bad acting and zero real proof that it works. No proof that they own any of those vehicles or a house. No explanation how it works either. They’re just trying to impress you with all the expensive stuff and convince you that it’s your only chance in life to get all that. Overall rating: 2 […]