Hello and welcome back to my website. It’s been a very long time since I last posted (almost four years actually), and so much has happened since. Some of those things and experiences could be considered positive, some not so much (depending on the perspective), and some were quite eye-opening. Throughout all those years of inactivity, this website never left my mind, quite the opposite! I couldn’t stop thinking about […]

The Second Beginning 5 Years Later

When you perform Search Engine Optimization or SEO, you are attempting to improve your website rankings in a search engine’s unpaid results. In other words, it’s the process of getting more free traffic from search engines. It can be viewed as a set of rules to improve your website so that it could appear in a higher position of search results (get higher rankings). Search engine optimization can help you […]

What Is Search Engine Optimization? (a Short SEO Guide For ...

Today, when internet businesses are growing faster than ever before, it would be very rational to at least try to start your own online business. But it probably wouldn’t be as smart to invest a lot of money into it if you are just testing your potential abilities and don’t know the possible outcomes yet. There are many services that let you create websites for free. Every company does it’s best to […]

How to Create a Website For Free?

This is the third article of the series “Forex For Beginners,” where I explain basic stuff that every beginner should know. In the first article, we became familiar with the Forex market itself, and several fundamental terms. In the second article, we figured out the basic of choosing a Forex broker. Now when you supposedly have opened a demo account or at least will be opening one soon, it’s time […]

How to Use MetaTrader 4? | Forex For Beginners Nr.3

Isn’t that ironic that the vast majority of the human population don’t like rich people, but want to have a lot of money themselves? And even more, regardless of these wishes, they have never tried, nor will ever try to become rich! If wealth is so desirable, then why not to get it yourself? Despite this obvious logic, being financially free is only a dream for most people. As you […]

How to Become Rich? (11 Initial Steps)

In the previous article, we became familiar with the basic pyramid scheme. This time, our eyes are on a very similar deceptive investment scheme, called Ponzi scheme (sometimes also referred to as the Ponzi pyramid). People often think it’s just a type of pyramid scheme, and even use these terms interchangeably. That’s a pretty common misconception. It’s true that they share some similarities, but there are a few key differences that make a […]

What Is a Ponzi Scheme?

Today there are many fraudulent money making schemes. Back in the day, when the internet was just in its early stages of development (or even no internet at all), people often were unaware of scammers due to the lack of knowledge. Today it’s easier for people to recognize scams and harder to perform illegal practices. Because of that, various con artists become audacious and insidious as never before. Sometimes scams are […]

What Is a Pyramid Scheme?

Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the fastest growing businesses on the internet today. Dozens of new websites are published every single day. There was very low competition, for example, ten years ago. People who started their businesses back then, are now making six figures every month, or even more! Now it’s harder to find your place in the market. Ten years from now it will be much harder (if […]

How To Become an Affiliate Marketer?

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This is the second article of the series called “Forex For Beginners,“ where I explain the basic stuff every beginner should know. If you’re completely new to this, I suggest you start with the first article.   Due to constantly growing interest in financial markets, new forex brokers are created very often. In order to attract clients, they must be appealing and competitive. Being competitive means better offers to the customers, […]

How To Choose a Forex Broker? | Forex For Beginners ...

Have you ever wanted to become rich and successful? Actors, singers, writers, programmers, entrepreneurs… People can become rich by doing literally anything they love. We often admire the fabulous life of millionaires and billionaires. They can do (and have) basically everything they want – enormous mansions, luxury cars, planes, yachts etc. They have so much money, that the only thing that limits them, sometimes is their own imagination. Probably every person in the […]

It’s Not About The Money

If you want to make some extra money in your free time, without working too hard or paying much attention, you might be interested in filling various online surveys. You won’t become rich and won’t be able to quit your job, but it’s completely possible to earn up to $150 a month. It can be good supplementation for your monthly income, and the less you earn from your job, the […]

Make Money With Online Surveys

Forex trading is a process in which, you can earn money by speculating about the changes of the currency exchange rates. At first, this may sound complicated, but it really isn’t. If you are a newbie, you might want to read my initial article about forex: Getting Familiar With Forex. This is the first article of the series called “Forex For Beginners“, where I explain basic stuff, that a beginner should know. I created […]

What Is Forex Trading? | Forex For Beginners Nr.1

Affiliate marketing is the type of business in which a seller or a service provider rewards you with a commission for the clients or visitors that you brought. You can get paid for clicks, sales, sign-ups. The commission rate varies from 1 up to 75% per sale, you just need to look for affiliate programs that suit your needs the most. Today most of the brands and companies (especially the […]

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Website: fastcash.biz Owners: Madison Clark and David Graham (highly questionable). Advantages: Very nice and expensive video. Disadvantages: Kind of bad acting and zero real proof that it works. No proof that they own any of those vehicles or a house. No explanation how it works either. They’re just trying to impress you with all the expensive stuff and convince you that it’s your only chance in life to get all that. Overall rating: 2 […]

SCAM ALERT: fastcash.biz Review