When starting a business people often feel overwhelmed, frustrated or downright scared. It’s completely normal but it shouldn’t last forever. However if it will, you may never achieve your goals in life. Your fears can destroy you from the inside, but you have the power to beat them.

Hello and welcome back to my website. It’s been a very long time since I last posted (almost four years actually), and so much has happened since. Some of those things and experiences could be considered positive, some not so much (depending on the perspective), and some were quite eye-opening. Throughout all those years of inactivity, this website never left my mind, quite the opposite! I couldn’t stop thinking about […]

The Second Beginning 5 Years Later

Isn’t that ironic that the vast majority of the human population don’t like rich people, but want to have a lot of money themselves? And even more, regardless of these wishes, they have never tried, nor will ever try to become rich! If wealth is so desirable, then why not to get it yourself? Despite this obvious logic, being financially free is only a dream for most people. As you […]

How to Become Rich? (11 Initial Steps)

Have you ever wanted to become rich and successful? Actors, singers, writers, programmers, entrepreneurs… People can become rich by doing literally anything they love. We often admire the fabulous life of millionaires and billionaires. They can do (and have) basically everything they want – enormous mansions, luxury cars, planes, yachts etc. They have so much money, that the only thing that limits them, sometimes is their own imagination. Probably every person in the […]

It’s Not About The Money