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Have you ever wanted to become rich and successful? Actors, singers, writers, programmers, entrepreneurs… People can become rich by doing literally anything they love.

We often admire the fabulous life of millionaires and billionaires. They can do (and have) basically everything they want – enormous mansions, luxury cars, planes, yachts etc.

They have so much money, that the only thing that limits them, sometimes is their own imagination. Probably every person in the world, who isn’t already rich, wants to be in their place…

On the surface everything seems amazing – who wouldn’t want to own a Ferrari or a private jet, right? But when people see all that luxury stuff, the majority of them don’t even try to understand what that person had to go through, to get all that money and success… That’s why (especially some) rich people are often hated.

Anyone Can Become Rich, But Only a Few Do

Unfortunately, in my environment, there’re no people who think the same way as I do. I can clearly see that they want money just to buy expensive things and “live a good life.” However, they put exactly ZERO effort to get whatever they think a good life is. They are too afraid and lazy to actually go and just do what all self-made rich people do.

In an attempt to prove me wrong, they often ask me – “If you believe, that anyone can become rich, then why poor people are never becoming rich?”

Well, first of all, there are many HOMELESS people who became rich, so it’s perfectly possible with the right mindset and enough effort. All their excuses are invalid. But in a sense, they are actually right. The absolute vast majority of poor people will never be rich. And you know why? Because they fail to see the big picture and understand the basic principles of making money. Their main goal in life is to become rich and they only care about the money! Isn’t that ironic?

If you want to be rich, just because you want to have a nice car, mansion, eat in luxury restaurants and get a lot of attention from opposite sex – well, that’s probably not going to happen.

Fancy Things Alone Are Not Good Enough Motivation

Seemingly everyone sometimes dreams about being rich and successful. But have you ever asked yourself – why do I need all that money? What’s exactly so desirable about it, that everyone wants it so bad?

The thing is, that all that expensive stuff maybe looks desirable and attractive, but when you actually see what it takes to get it, it begins to lose that magical image.

You start to lose motivation, passion becomes weak and your dreams start to slowly fade away… You begin to understand that Lamborghini is nothing but just a car, mansion, no matter how big, is still just a house and the private jet is absolutely unnecessary…maxresdefault

You begin to understand, that it’s simply not worth it. These fancy things are just for fun, they’re not essential. So why do you need to work, in order to have fun while driving Bentley, when you can have fun with your friends right now, riding in a VW Golf?

Finally, when you see how much time every single day it requires in order to get that Bentley, you realize that there isn’t much time to even have fun with it. The more you think, the faster it becomes less and less beautiful.

Ultimately, you come to the conclusion that it would be great to have it without any work (by winning the lottery or by having rich parents). It’s not worth the effort, because you hate the fact that you have to work a lot to get it, and you hate your work in general.

Then you give up once and for all, and return to your daily life without any chance to ever get out of it… The rest of your life, you’ll probably hate rich people because they’re happy with their work and they have what you could have had, but choose not to…

So What Gives Meaning To Your Work?

Now you’re probably living an average life – you probably have some friends, going to school (or work), probably are in love and occasionally having fun. You’re doing what you have been told, without even the slightest thought, that something isn’t right.

If you think that your life is meant to be this way, that everything is ok the way it is, and you have no chance to change something, then you don’t deserve to have any money or success!

The reality is cruel, let’s face it – 99% of the human population are exactly like you. If you died today, what would die with you? Exactly – nothing… Maybe you would be missed by the relatives and the closest friends, but after a month or two, everyone gets over it and moves on!

Very soon in your school (or job), relationship and even in the family life, you will be forgotten and replaced by the same NOBODY as you were! Ask yourself, if this is the life that you choose to live? Is this is an honorable death?

They Won’t Believe Until You Show Them

You live your life for all those years, you being hurt, stabbed in the back, betrayed, cheated on, sometimes straight up beaten to the ground, and what is it for? For being forgotten in a couple of months? Are you downgrading yourself to this level?

Think about all those times when you felt underestimated, about every person who ever said that you can’t do something – didn’t you felt hurt? You think that they were right by hurting you?

If not, then how you gonna prove them wrong? By living regular miserable life, and being forgotten as soon as you die? No one is going to believe in you unless you start to believe in yourself! You can do better than this, and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

And money…

When you doing something good, they come naturally. It’s literally impossible not to get rich if you’re creating something that makes people happy. If you’re willing to create value and give it to people, they are willing to give you their money.

But it’s not a reward, it’s more like a bonus, that comes with a reward. Money just once again proves that you made it. You can use them as you want, they can help you to show haters, that you were right.

Ultimately, it’s nothing more than just a symbol of your hard work. You have a right to be proud of it when you get it. But the greatest reward is knowing, that you made people a little happier, by creating and giving them something you never had by yourself.

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14 thoughts on “It’s Not About The Money

  • Vlad

    I think that this disposition is very wise.
    Ultimately, the value of your hard work goes beyond materialistic things.

    In my mind, making a lot of money is more about having freedom than it is about having the ability to buy more stuff.

    In our world, I am the crazy one.
    Still, in my mind, the reward for all of my effort is the ability to put as much effort into things as I want.

    Sure, working for longer hours for less the income might not make much sense for some people, but it is reasonable in my mind.


    • Grey Post author

      Hello Vlad,

      Exactly, money gives you freedom. Sometimes that means buying an expensive house, a luxurious car, or something like that, but most of the time you get the most pleasure from just doing whatever you want and not being a slave in your workplace.

      Actually, you don’t even have to be rich to do that. It’ s enough to make as much money from your business as you do from your work. That’s basically it – “Goodbye boss, I’m not coming back tomorrow!”

      And it’s very reasonable to work longer hours for less money! In fact, at the very beginning, people like you and me usually work very long hours for very little to no income at all! It’s just how it is, very few people start a business and make hundreds of thousands or even millions within the first year. They most of the time just get lucky. Most of the time it’s a longer and more gradual process.

      But if you patiently go through that “unreasonable” hard-work and low-income phase, one day you will have the luxury of getting a lot of passive income with very little work.

      Most people want money fast and, as you noted, they call us crazy, but in reality, they are just too lazy and mentally weak to work hard without instant results.


  • Ilias

    Hi Grey, I agree with you, anyone can be rich. However, most people do not want it enough to go for it. Also, most people discourage those who want to try.

    I do not know why people have this attitude but we should follow our dreams.

    In my opinion, those who really want to be rich will find a way to become rich.

    • Grey Post author

      Hello Ilias,

      I find it especially annoying when losers and slackers who never tried anything in their lives, tell me that I’m crazy and I’ll never succeed! They usually say that if it was that easy they would be rich as well. But I never said that it would be easy. Those people are not worth our time, but it’s still very discouraging and unpleasant to see how nobody believes in our abilities.

      Me personally, I just know that one way or another, sooner or later, I will be rich. I’m just too dedicated. 🙂 As the title of this article implies, for me, money is not the most important thing in life, but it’s still the best way to be able to do many things.

      I wish you all the best and thank you for your comment!


  • Norman

    If your mind is on the money and that alone is your drive then chances are you may not do as well but when you are passionate about something and put your whole heart into it then this is where success comes because your work will set you apart from every body else and you will really shine and because of this the money will come just focus and your passion and the rest will be history. Many people need to understand this fact in order to make money.

  • Chris

    Very interesting article here – I think you touched on a few ‘money nerves’ I have with my own online business. I feel that when you first start out you are drawn to the money but as you go along you realize you are targeting the wrong thing…and your business suffers. Aiming at improving your business is a much more effective way to make money in the long run – don’t you think?

    • Grey Post author

      Yes exactly! When people start their businesses, money might be very good motivation, but later this attitude makes it impossible to achieve real greatness. But when you do something because you love it, any obstacle along the way becomes almost a part of the fun. When you love your business, it’s impossible not to improve it! 🙂

  • Neil

    I think as a newbie to online business, it’s always about the money because that little extra can go along way. But as we progress and make more money, it becomes more about attaining goals and dreams 🙂

    However, I do agree that it’s pointless to work for money because there are unhappy rich people out there. So it’s important to record goals and have something to aim for in life. When we accomplish what we want, it gives us the extra motivation to achieve more big goals.

    When I’m rich, I intend to give back to people on the streets, to charities and to help my family because it will give me a sense of fulfillment as well as bring happiness to my life.


  • Chris Towers

    Great post here thank you.

    To be honest I do not see wealth that way. I have my own business online and I make money, but I would not say I was rich!

    Being able not to work and have the money to see the world would make me rich, you can keep your mansions and your private jets. My health is more important than that 🙂

    I agree though, because some people are rich they can tend to be targeted, or hated as you say, but I put this down simply to jealousy!

    Thanks 🙂


    • Grey Post author

      Hello Chris,

      I’m glad that you enjoyed and thanks for your comment. Not everyone has the same beliefs and expectations. That’s ok, different people make the world more interesting. Also if you have your business online, you already making the world a better place! 🙂