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Owners: Madison Clark and David Graham (highly questionable).

Advantages: Very nice and expensive video.

Disadvantages: Kind of bad acting and zero real proof that it works. No proof that they own any of those vehicles or a house. No explanation how it works either. They’re just trying to impress you with all the expensive stuff and convince you that it’s your only chance in life to get all that.

Overall rating: 2 out of 10. (Just for the impressive video.) Total scam!


Today we are going to look at a website that guarantees you millions without any work. When you visit you will see pretty impressive and high budget video (I actually suggest you watch it because it’s kinda entertaining in some ways).

In this video, they are claiming that “this is the first and only time they are allowing the general public to get immediate free access” to binary options algorithm that wins up to 99% of the trades.


The video is hosted by two actors who presents themselves as the creators of the system and calls themselves Madison Clark and David Graham. They are about to take you on the trip to Fast Cash Biz mansion on their “private” jet.

Screenshot (56)

While they’re “flying” (I don’t think that they actually flew anywhere), they are going to introduce you with their accomplishments. And that is over $55 million in just three years! You are about to see some “proof” which is their binary options broker and bank accounts.

Then you are going to be introduced with two out of ten “beta testers” of the program – Mary wright and Darrin Alexander. They are ordinary people – just like you. Mary is recently divorced and Darrin works at Starbucks.

When they deposited the money, broker doubled them right away as a welcome bonus! All they did was that they pressed one button and money started to multiply itself! Mary invested $500 and made $3 258 in 120 seconds and Darrin invested $1000 and made over $19 000 in ten minutes!

22222                   3333

When they arrive at the mansion, all ten “beta testers” are about to come and share their 90-day achievements. Then the first part of the video ends and you are required to write your email address and name in order to continue.

The Second Video

There is a glitch of some sort, because if you REFRESH the page (even though the website doesn’t want to allow you to do so) the second video starts playing without email and registration. You can do that without finishing the first video, just simply refresh the page. And believe me, it’s even more ridiculous…


While all guests are on the way to the mansion in a luxurious limo, Madison and David continuously brags about the amazingness of the algorithm (but gives no explanation on how it works).

The only explanation is: “The software teaches itself how to steadily increase your profits based on recent trends and other factors which are company trade secret.”

David admits that when he was manually trading binary options, he had no idea what he was doing. But later he was able to somehow create this wonderful software… Madison even says that David’s IQ is 176! That’s why he was able to create that amazing algorithm!

Madison and David announce that they are going to accept only ten more people to this program! “This is to protect the integrity of the business. The reason why Fast Cash Biz works so well because it’s only limited to just a few users.”

They also made some updates to the algorithm and now it works twice as better! But they don’t want to bore you with technical details because “all you do is click a button anyway”.

5555                   6666

Then all ten guests get a big check that represents their earnings over the past 90 days. It seems that Darrin “made” the most – $3 429 193! And each of them is rewarded with brand new FREE Tesla electric car!

7777                   8888

Later on, Madison and David talks about other scams online. They feel very bad for you because it’s DISGUSTING how other scammers are always trying to sell you binary options bots that didn’t work.

This time, they are giving you the only chance in your lifetime because they care about you and not about the money! But in order to activate the software, you need the initial investment of $250. And the more you invest, the better results are going to be!

9999                   250


There is also the third video which starts to play itself if you are trying to exit. Sorry, I have no patience to watch it all, it’s too damn ridiculous… Basically, they just trying to get your email here.

Sad Reality

Binary options is a legit way to make money online and we will discuss it in future articles. Basically, when trading binary options, you have to guess whether the price of an item will go up or down over a set period of time.

It’s true that you can get over 80% profit in one trade. But you have to do it MANUALLY! Of course, there are some indicators, that can help you decide but you make your own decisions. And there’s almost no way that you can become a millionaire in just 90 days.

Prices usually are very volatile, it means that it changes rapidly every second. Creation of the algorithm that can win up to 99% trades would mean, that it can predict the future with 99% accuracy! That basically means that we now able to see our future! (Remember that one movie? I just can’t remember the exact title right now.) Needless to say, that’s impossible…

Also, you can start trading binary options with less than $10 if you want, or even for free with a demo account. If that software can do miracles it should work just as good with $10 or less. There should be no need to deposit $250 or more!

But of course, since it’s a scam they want you to deposit as much as possible. I can guarantee that those brokers, that they are “working” with, are not legit as well.

Still Don’t Believe Me?

Let’s remember that glitch which lets you see the second part of the video without email. (Video probably was too expensive, so there was not enough money to hire qualified programmers).

When you enter the second part in the right corner of the page there is a countdown of “licenses” and there’s only two left. Remember that only 10 new participants are allowed to enter! As the video goes, suddenly there’s only one license left and finally, at the very end, the countdown reaches zero.

Screenshot (21)1licenseScreenshot (42)

But if you completely exit the page, open a new tab on your browser, enter and refresh it again, you will see that the countdown shows 2 again! And that’s the proof, that there are no licenses at all!

And Finally, a Little Bit of Math

In the first part of the video, Darrin made 1900% profit in 10 minutes, that’s 190% per minute. Ok let’s calculate a little:

He had 90 days and 90 days is 129 600 minutes. That should be 24 624 000% of profit in just 90 days!!! His deposit was $1000, he had 100% bonus, so he began with $2000. In the second part, they said that he made $3 429 193 in 90 days but:

24 624 000*2000/100 = $492 480 000

He should have made about $492 480 000! In 90 days, not only $3 429 193!

Even more, Madison and David said that they made over 55 million in three years, let’s use simple math again:

3 years = 1095 days = 26 280 hours = 1 576 800 minutes.

Assuming that you can make 190% of profit per minute WITH ONE CLICK, they should have made 299 592 000% of pure profit.

Let’s assume that they deposited minimum required amount of $250 and had a welcome bonus. $500 in total, so:

299 592 000*500 = $149 760 000

In three years they should have made $149 760 000! But Madison “clearly” had way more money than $250 at the very beginning!

And now they made some upgrades which allow you to make money twice as fast!

Let’s say that now they have at least $10 million in their broker account. And with upgrades this algorithm can make at the very least 300% per minute. Here’s what “will” happen during the next 10 years:

10 years = 3 650 days = 219 000 hours = 13 140 000 minutes.

With at least 300%per minute they “will” make about 3 942 000 000% of profit.

3 942 000 000*10 000 000/100 = 394 200 000 000 000 dollars!

That is about 4 977 times more than Bill Gates net worth! It looks like Madison and David will be the richest people in the world very soon… And those other guys as well…

Thanks for reading my review!

If you have any questions or just any thoughts, please comment below. I would love to help you out! 🙂


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4 thoughts on “SCAM ALERT: Review

  • Derek Marshall

    Hi there,

    While binary trading is a viable way of making money you have to know what you are doing a apply certain strategies that can (not will) help you.

    As for this review, freaking awesome, first scam review I have read that I found very entertaining. Good work on the maths..whoopie I’m gonna be a millionaire in like 6 weeks if I join this…(really how gullible do people have to be to join this fast cash biz ?)

    • Grey Post author

      Thank you, Derek!

      Yes you’re right it’s very possible to make money from binary options, but you have to put a lot of effort and time into it. It’s just like any other business – at first, you have to start somewhere, make some mistakes, learn from them, make mistakes again, learn again, and so on until you finally succeed. There are no shortcuts to any place worth going!

      Stay tuned, there are more reviews to come 🙂