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success-failureUnfortunately, today there are many pages that offer tons of money with almost no effort. The truth is that 99% of those offers are scams. They are just shamelessly trying to trick you, in order to take your money.

Of course, you can’t make thousands of dollars by playing online casino with Martingale betting system or by using “magical” binary options algorithm. But it is obvious that there are some people who actually making lots of money online!

So What Separates You From Successful Online Entrepreneurs?

Online business is no different from any other business and there is only one answer: the right mindset! Those people once were just like you… Just like everyone else who never achieved real success… But they knew that something isn’t right. They knew that their place is somewhere else because their thinking doesn’t fit into society’s standards.

Unfortunately, narrow-minded people often can’t understand things that are obvious for future entrepreneurs. That’s why they are often bullied at school. During their early days, these people learned to see opportunities when no one else can. They never let others affect their life. Later they turned their pain of being outcast into a passion for helping others.

Think Outside The Box

Most people are trapped in their routine and reality. They’re doing what everyone else is doing because it’s safe and feels comfortable. They sentenced themselves for life to be average. But if you reading this, it means that at least somewhere deep in your heart you know that you are special and deserve to be rewarded. If so then don’t let the “reality” kill your dreams.

Sometimes people say that you need to think outside the box. I say that there is no box! Everything that we see daily is the reflection of our mind. Everything that we create is the projection of our visions and dreams.

This “box” is where people feel safe, this is the regular life where everything is familiar. When you step outside of it, you will be alone and scared. Everyone else will try to pull you back into “normal” life. But you need to sacrifice your old life, for the life you’ve always dreamed of. Because no one has ever dreamed about regular life…

The Fear Of Failure

il_fullxfull.382198227_9sy1The first fear you will face in the very beginning is the fear of failure. “What if they are right?”, “What if my idea is actually stupid?”. These are questions that you will ask yourself when something goes wrong.

But remember that everything depends on you. You don’t need to invent something completely new. Sometimes just original presentation can be more than enough.

For example, Gary Dahl, the creator of “My Pet Rock” sold rocks as pets for $3.95 with 32-page pet training manual with tips and tricks on how to train your new pet to “sit”, “stay”, and “attack”. He earned $15 million within first six months!

The Fear Of Success

This may sound weird but it’s true. The main fear is the fear of responsibility. When you become successful everyone expects you to be a positive example for others. You probably won’t be sure if you manage to do this. You become important and influential, your decisions can affect many people. But think how many good things you can do with that influence! How many people you can help!

Second common fear is the society’s reaction. Many people will admire your results, others will be jealous and try to put you down. If you haven’t experienced this kind of attention before, this might be a little bit difficult and weird. But you will get used to it and eventually, it becomes enjoyable because you know that you deserve attention and you’re special.

You might also lose some friends. They might start to think that you are too different from them. But don’t worry about that. You will find new even better friends who also managed to escape the trap of regular life, who will encourage you and believe in you.

Online Business Opportunities

Today you can find thousands of real ways to earn money online. You just need to choose the ones that suit you the most. Don’t expect fast results. Of course, everything is possible but most of the time it takes the time to build a big business. In the beginning, you might think that this is not worth your time and effort but that’s not true!

If you will be consistent and won’t give up, eventually your effort will pay off and make your dreams reality. At first sight, it all might look very hard, maybe even impossible. But it’s very possible if you prepare your mind and prepare to be consistent.

Creating a business might take many years, it depends on how big are your goals, but if you start today, ten years from now you will thank yourself. The time will pass anyway, so make the most of it! One of the worst feelings in life is thinking of what you should have done but didn’t!

We Should Help Each Other!

I created this site to help and motivate you through your journey. I’m going to write about topics that I’m familiar with. My knowledge doesn’t come fast. I was often lost and confused, probably just like you. But I never stopped learning, dreaming and moving forward. Even tho the best ideas often come when you are alone, there is a huge difference between alone and lonely.

When you are alone you are free and can explore your mind, create brilliant ideas. When you feel lonely you more likely to feel empty inside. You shouldn’t feel lonely through your journey. It is much harder to be productive when lonely. That’s why it is important to find like-minded people. We should help and encourage each other. Feel free to comment and ask anything you want, hopefully, we will find the solution together.

Thank you for reading!


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