Make Money With Online Surveys

If you want to make some extra money in your free time, without working too hard or paying much attention, you might be interested in filling various online surveys.

You won’t become rich and won’t be able to quit your job, but it’s completely possible to earn up to $150 a month. It can be good supplementation for your monthly income, and the less you earn from your job, the more sense it makes for you to join such program.

I should mention that online surveys sometimes take the time to fill and it’s probably only suitable for quite lazy or desperate people. If you’re not one of them, and you want to make much more money online, you should check out affiliate marketing or forex.


Making money with online surveys is extremely simple. If you have a computer with internet connection and would like to give opinions, you can register to hundreds of survey companies even today.

Various companies are willing to pay for market research by using online surveys. Surveyors are looking for specific types of people. You won’t be suitable for filling all surveys. That’s why when you join a survey site you should provide your personal information. (Legit companies will not share this information with any third parties.)

It’s highly recommended to provide all the required information because it’s used to determine whether or not you are qualified to fill surveys about specific products or services.

When you are selected as a potentially suitable participant, you usually will receive an email inviting you to take a short initial survey. This survey helps to finally determine if you are really qualified to fill the main survey, for which you’ll get paid.

Usually, they pay from $0.50 to $10 per survey. Usually, the more time it takes to fill the survey, the higher payout you’re going to receive. It can take up to 45 minutes or even an hour to fill ten dollar survey.

Sometimes they can send you the product to test and then request a feedback. After that, you can keep the product for free as a reward. Sometimes they can give you Amazon gift cards, gift cards for restaurants, or enter you in various lotteries for bigger prizes, as a reward (instead of money).

Be Careful!

road-sign-464651_960_720As always, the majority of offers are usually scams…

You probably have seen advertisements or received spam letters that promise $50 or $100 per survey. Well, that’s not gonna happen.

The principle of the scam is very simple, they promise you quite a lot of easy money, and all you need to do is just to pay the initial payment. The goal is to trick as many people as possible and take the money.

When you sign up for a scammy company, you will receive TONS of spam in your email, your personal information can be disclosed to someone who might do something bad with it, and of course you will never get paid…

If you try to read various blogs that review survey sites, keep in mind that many of them are written by the affiliates. Those people are getting paid a commission for every referral. Companies who pays higher commissions gets the best reviews.

Unfortunately, there’s almost impossible to tell which company is legit until you try it by yourself. There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of companies that offer money for filling online surveys. If you type “online survey companies” in google, you’ll get over 140 000 000 results, who knows how many of these companies and affiliate websites are legit…

However, I tried to do some research and read reviews. (Before signing up I recommend doing your own research!) I was able to find out that these companies are MOST LIKELY legit:


Important Note No 1: For maximum results, you need to sign up for several different companies. One single company may not be able to provide many surveys that you are qualified to fill.

When you sign up for several companies, you increasing your chances to always have surveys to fill. Some companies may offer the same survey and you can’t fill that survey at each company or your earnings for this survey will be canceled, it means that you are just wasting your time.

Important Note No 2: You might want to create a separate email account just for surveys because even legit companies sometimes are tended to spam. Imagine getting all the spam from eight or more companies.

Important Note No 3: When you filling a survey, you should provide honest answers. If you lied or have provided misleading information, a company can ban you from taking surveys in the future.

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